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The Ventura County Adventure Ride Series - Introduction

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Welcome to the VCARS, sponsored by BMW Motorcycles of Ventura County, California. You don't need a BMW to take part in these rides; all dual sport riders are welcome. The goal of this repeating series of increasingly challenging day rides is – well, they're designed to be fun! We’ll take you out of Urbania and introduce you to some great dual sport riding areas, ripe for exploration. Each ride will take us into the beautiful California backcountry, riding with old friends and making new ones. Rides are rated with a (largely subjective) difficulty rating of R1-R9; R1 being improved dirt or well-graded fire road, and R9 representing challenge at the peak of ability of rider & machine. This series will usually oscillate from R2 to R4. Rarely, a given series may include an R5 ride as well.

Each series includes 3-4 rides. Singly, every ride is a new adventure; as a whole, each series has even more to offer: The slight increase in riding challenge over the course of each series provides riders the opportunity to gradually increase their riding ability in a non-instructional, learn-by-doing setting. The ride leader is eager to help riders improve, and our growing community of riders is a supportive group with many veterans; have questions about riding technique? Fire away!

Although designed with the novice rider in mind, the easier VCARS rides always offer opportunities for more experienced riders to push themselves as well if desired. Likewise, more challenging rides later in each series often include go-arounds, allowing less experienced riders to join in a Series at any time, and giving them the opportunity to choose their level of challenge. Looking for the next step in adventure riding - or instruction to help you take that next step? Check out the EarthRider main site for course offerings, multi-day rides, and more challenging (R5 and above) ADRs.

This website is dedicated exclusively to VCARS ride events. Links to upcoming rides are found in the table at TOP DEAD CENTER, above. There you will also find links to pages of valuable information, and to EarthRider's main website. VCARS IN WORDS & PICTURES, below, allows you to browse through past ride Intros, and related image & textual media. Take some time to browse around! At the bottom of this colmn you will find a host of links to past ride photos, stories, and even video.

High in the Los Padres. '08ADR 01

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Movie of the Moment

Strong intermediate riders on R4 terrain. BMW R1200GS, Suzuki V-Strom, BMW X-Challenge. ['10 ADR 02/13 - R4]

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"Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul." ['10 ADR 04/10 - R3]

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Huzzah! Another best-laid plan "gang agley" yet survived all the same.
['10 ADR 03/13 - R2 (became, oh, R8 due to mud... and stubbornness!)]